8-9-10 January 2021

Three "100" in Val di Fiemme

Celebrations for Guardia di Finanza, Tour de Ski, FISI and Franco Nones


Celebrations and awards at Hotel Shandranj after the “100th stage”
Nones, De Godenz, Felicetti, Roda, Failoni, Zorzi, Capol, Lewis and Lancerin were present
The Fiemme Ski World Cup committee is now focused on the FIS Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cup events

The Fiemme Ski World Cup committee chose Hotel Shandranj, in Trentino (ITA), to celebrate three anniversaries: the 100th stage of the Tour de Ski, the 100th anniversary of the Scuola alpina della Guardia di Finanza of Predazzo and the 100th anniversary of the Italian Winter Sports Federation (FISI). FISI decided to give a little Skiri sculpture, the squirrel from Val di Fiemme, and a plaque to Franco Nones. Nones has been the first Italian cross-country skier to win an Olympic gold medal in 1968 in Grenoble paving the way for all the Italian cross-country team: “I’m very happy with this award, also because I’ve devoted many years to sport. I thank the Federation and the Guardia di Finanza, I could achieve such great results thanks to them. So, thank you for welcoming me sixty years ago, precisely on 20th March 1960. I’ve always put my heart in everything I’ve done”. The prize was awarded by the FISI President Flavio Roda: “Tonight I want to celebrate this important tradition and give this prize to a person who has done so much for the Italian sports world: Franco Nones”.
The evening was organised by two key figures of the sports world in Trentino, the President of the Fiemme Ski World Cup committee Bruno Felicetti and the Provincial Councillor Pietro de Godenz. “We were lucky with the weather, but we have also to thank the organising team, the group of volunteers, the Municipalities, the Province. All of them helped a lot, but a great help always comes from FIS and FISI. This year there was one more day of competitions with the sprint event that had a great success. Now there will be the FIS Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cup events”, stated de Godenz.
The gala evening was also attended by the former Secretary General Angelo Corradini and the current Secretary General Cristina Bellante, and also by the Councillor for handicraft, commerce, promotion, sport and tourism Roberto Failoni: "Trentino and Val di Fiemme will be an international showcase thanks to the sports events that will be held from now until 2026. So, in the next 6 years, all the competitions that we are going to organise will be a real test in view of the Olympics. We are sure we’ll make it, as in previous years, and it is clear that important work awaits us in terms of facilities and innovations in the next few years. I can say that these Olympic Games will once again highlight the uniqueness of Trentino, and this makes us proud to live in Trentino".
Jürg Capol – founder of the popular Tour de Ski and the Final Climb together with Vegard Ulvang – was present representing FIS: “We have reached the stage number 100 and it will take 13 years to reach 200. Good luck for the future, I look forward to come back here in 2026”. FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis, who cut the cake together with Capol immediately after the stage number 100 of the Tour de Ski on the finish line of the Cross-Country Stadium in Lago di Tesero, attended the gala evening: "It's a pleasure for FIS and I thank the whole Val di Fiemme and especially the Italian Winter Sports Federation, for having done all this for the Tour de Ski".
Guardia di Finanza was instead represented by Colonel Sergio Giovanni Lancerin: "I want to celebrate the contribution that the Scuola Alpina has given to sport in these hundred years of history. The sporting spirit was alive a hundred years ago and is still alive today. I see Nones, I see Zorzi, I see great athletes who have given a lot to the Scuola Alpina and to its sporting spirit".
In the meantime, Val di Fiemme is ready to host the FIS Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cup events scheduled from 10th to 12th January.
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