Popular Race - Fiemme Rollerski Cup


The athletes who will participate to the promotional race, will have to read carefully the following race rules created in cooperation with FISI and FIS and respect it fully. 

Fiemme Rollerski Cup is a long distance roller ski mass start competition of 13 km, in classic technique. It will take place on Sunday, 10th September 2023 in Val di Fiemme (Trento): start will be in Ziano di Fiemme, while the finish line will be on Alpe Cermis.
All athletes, both male and female, who have turned 18 years old within the competition day, can register to the race, except people with Russian or Belarussian nationality (Fiemme Rollerski Cup is part of a FIS international event, and consequently the OC is not allowed to accept competitors from Russia and Belarus).
The Organising Committee will accept a maximum of 150 athletes in this competition.
You can find all the information on the web site
  • Organising Committee 
Fiemme Rollerski Cup is organised by Comitato per la Promozione dello Sci in Val di Fiemme.

Address of the Organising Committee:

Comitato per la Promozione dello Sci in Val di Fiemme

Via Regolani, 6 38033 Cavalese (TN)


Tel. 0462 352013

The rules can be subject to change at the discretion of the organization, and the updated version will always be available on the web site



  • Programme

Fiemme Rollerski Cup will take place on Sunday 10th September 2023, and it will start at 9.00 from Ziano di Fiemme. The finish line will be on Alpe Cermis, località Doss dei Laresi.



The bibs distribution will take place inside the “Tabià del Moco” building in Ziano di Fiemme, close to the municipality hall, according to the following times:

Saturday 9th September | from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 19.30

Sunday 10th September | from 7.00 to 8.30


The maximum time the athletes have to complete the race is 3 hours, so they have to cross the finish line within 12.00, in order to be included in the ranking list.

The prize giving ceremony will take place on Sunday 10th September at the finish area. The starting time has to be confirmed, but we will start the ceremony as soon as the top 3 athletes (both of female and male categories) have come to the finish line. The top 3 athletes, male and female, will be awarded at the ceremony, and there will be also a special prize for the athlete (male and female) that sets the best time in the final climb of Alpe Cermis.

From 13.00 on, the lunch will be served at the big tent close to the soccer field in Ziano di Fiemme.


  • Registration procedure

i. Entries will be open on the website starting from 24th July 2023 till 9th September 2023. The Organising Committee has the possibility to close the entries in advance, if the maximum numbers of 150 competitors is reached. If there are any available bibs when closing the entries, the Organising Committee will give the possibility to make further additional registrations directly at the race office in Ziano di Fiemme, on Saturday 9th September. For any further information, please contact

ii. Sending his/her entry, any participant must supply the Organiser with all the information requested on the entry form. Any incomplete form won’t be accepted. Once the entry is confirmed, each participant will receive a confirmation e-mail.

iii. During the online entry procedure, each participant will be requested to pay the entry fee of 25,00 €. The registration will be considered valid only when the OC receives the payment, that must be made through bank money transfer; here the bank data:

IBAN: IT14C0818434600000005244415

Athletes have to send the copy of payment to within Friday 8th September 2023.

iv. The entry fee includes:

 - Transportation of the clothing bags from the start to the finish;   

 - Transportation of the athletes via cable car (just showing the bib) from the finish area to the down valley station. Then transportation by bus from the down valley cable car station to the start area in Ziano di Fiemme.

 - Meal voucher for the lunch on Sunday 10th September

 - Competition gadgets

v. All entries are strictly personal and cannot be reimbursed in case of withdrawal.


  • Events of force majeure

The Organiser won’t be responsible if the competition is modified, shortened or cancelled due to an event of force majeure or independent from its control. Events of force majeure include: safety reasons, atmospheric phenomena and unforeseen events unrelated to the will of the Organiser, and which could compromise the good execution of the event.

All competitors will be informed about any change to these Rules, including any cause of force majeure, on the event’s internet site. The changes will be considered part of the present Rules. Any change of the Rules will be considered accepted by all participants when sending their entries for the competition. In case of cancellation of the event, no entry fee will be reimbursed.

  • Conditions of participation

In order to take part in the competition, all participants must:

  • Have turned 18 years old within 10th September 2023

  • Have read the present Rules before the competition

  • Respect the safety and competition regulations foreseen by the present Rules

  • Be perfectly aware of the risks involved by participating in this event. Sending their entries, the participants declare they have considered the risks related to their participation, perfectly aware of their physical and technical skills; each participant will be responsible for personally insuring for any material or physical damage;

  • Possess the mandatory documents that you find at follow point

  • Respect the anti-doping rules of the Italian Agency for the Fight against Doping.


  • Mandatory Documents

Each foreign athlete will have to show a valid ID at the race office, when picking up his/her bib (Italian competitors will have to show a valid membership card of the Italian Ski Federation or a medical sport certificate valid on 10/09/23).

It is the duty of each participant to verify the coverage of his/her own sports insurance policy in case of accident or damage to others during the Fiemme Rollerski Cup, in order to be insured for that event.

  • Information about the competition

The competition course will have a total length of 13 km, with a total gain elevation of 492 m. You can see the maps of the competition course on the web site, on the “promotional race” section.

  • Timekeeping

An electronic chip, that must be fixed on the athletes’ ankle, will be given to all participants for timekeeping. 

There will be a special ranking dedicated to the time of the final climb. 

  • Refreshment

There will be a refreshment point (only liquid stuff available) at the beginning of the final climb.  

  • Athletes’ equipment

All athletes must compete using their own rollerski for classic technique. Helmet is mandatory. The race bibs must be visible throughout the entire duration of the race and must be worn over the race clothing.

After the competition, the organization will arrange the following result lists:

  • Overall ranking, men
  • Overall ranking, women
  • Final climb time, men
  • Final climb time, women

The top 3 athletes, male and female, will be awarded at the prize giving ceremony, and there will be also a special prize for the athlete (male and female) that sets the best time in the final climb of Alpe Cermis.

To get the prizes, the awarded athletes have to be present at the prize giving ceremony.

Any complaint must be handed over at the race office within 15 minutes after the unofficial result list is available, together with a deposit of 50 €, that will be given back to the athlete if the complaint is accepted.

All personal data, that each competitor has to send with the registration, can be handled by the Organiser, with the procedure and for the purposes established in art. 13 and 14 of the G.D.P.R. (EU Rules 679/2016 about treatment of personal data).

Personal data collected at this competition are registered electronically and used by the Organizer with the following purposes: competition management, distribution of prizes and promotion of other sport events that could be interesting for the participants.

By sending their entries, all participants authorize the Organiser to use, for free and without any limit of time, also according to articles 10 and 320 of the Italian “Codice Civile”, and to articles 96 and 97 of the law n. 633 22.04.1941, Law about copyright, the live transmission and the publication and/or distribution of their images (pictures and video), on printed material and/or on any other means of distribution. They also give their authorisation to store these pictures and video images in the digital storage of the society Nordic Ski WM – Val di Fiemme 2003 srl, knowing that these images will be handled only for informative and possible promotional purposes.

Participation in the competition implies the pure and simple acceptance of the present Rules and of any change made by the Organising Committee at its discretion.

The updated version of the Rules will always be available on the website


Competition Course