Cross-country Stadium

The Fabio Canal Cross-country and Biathlon Center is a sports facility located in the village of Lago di Tesero, in Val di Fiemme. Built in the 1990s for the Nordic Ski World Championships, it will host the competitions of the XXV Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games of Milano-Cortina 2026.

The project of building a cross-country center was born in the mid-1980s, when the Val di Fiemme Valley's candidature to host the Nordic World Ski Championships was considered.

The area of Lago di Tesero was chosen because it is located in the middle of the valley, easily accessible (thanks to the SP232 road at the bottom of the valley, which was specially built for the 1991 rainbow event) and easily snowable in case of adverse weather conditions and lack of natural snow (the stadium is located near the left side of the Avisio stream, where the water needed for artificial snowmaking can be taken from).


After the first World Championships were assigned in 1988, an area on the bottom of the valley was located to build the Cross-Country Stadium, starting with a 17-kilometer simple ring. This area in Lago di Tesero was chosen for its centrality and because of the opportunity to build a facility minimizing environmental impact, tree clearing, and earth movement.

The Lago di Tesero Cross-Country Stadium was renovated for the 2003 World Championships. Particularly, it has been provided with those facilities indispensable for efficient service during competitions, at the same time with a focus on their use even outside those events. More specifically, the ice stadium, offices for ski rentals and ski school, new grandstands, bar with restaurant, and several technical rooms (waxing, changing rooms) were built; new parking areas were then created; the snowmaking system was implemented as well as the lighting system; and finally, the slopes were then reviewed, bonified, adapted, or expanded to provide a modern stadium.

With the third world championships hosted in 2013, the Stadium was expanded and modernized. Starting with a underground garage and depot (total area of 2000 square meters), used by televisions (IBC) and as a snowgroomers garage. The commentators' block was built in the finish area, which contains 24 commentary cabins, a common room with a small kitchen, some available spaces and the anti-doping center. Lastly, the race offices and press room were expanded, providing new spaces for post-event use as well, where the dance and ski school are currently located. The slopes were then adapted to the new FIS parameters, upgrading the snowmaking system.

The "Fabio Canal" Cross-Country Skiing Center in Lago di Tesero, which has already hosted 3 editions of the Nordic Skiing World Championships and hundreds of World Cup races, will be involved in some renovation and improvement works, which will turn it into an even more efficient facility and, most important, adapted to the new international standards, in order to be used beyond the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic event.

The legacy and sustainability concepts, strongly requested by the International Olympic Committee and also supported by the Milano-Cortina 2026 Foundation and by the Autonomous Province of Trento (the institution that will totally finance the works), are present in the whole project. The goal is to have the most avantgarde and functional structure possible, from the sport point of view but also from the point of view of sustainability: the new facilities must be available and exploitable for many years in the future

Here the works included in the project:

  • underground area: next to the start/finish area, there will be an area for 20 waxing cabins and 20 changing rooms. This is a crucial facility that was missing in the center and will finally provide a good position of the waxing area.
  • extension and renovation of the FISI laboratory: is planned to create two more floors than the current one where the laboratories are located, to create spaces dedicated to functional test labs and muscle room. With the creation of this facility, the center would become unique on a national level, and could be used by FISI as the Federation's main center for cross-country, nordic combined and biathlon.
  • digitization project of the stadium developed in collaboration with the University of Trento and CeRiSM (Center for Sport, Mountain and Health Research) in Rovereto. An interesting partnership between the University of Trento and the Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa area has been developed since 2021, involving the design of several projects, including the digitization of sports stadiums.
  • hostel: this accommodation facility is located inside the commentators' building created for the last World Cup in 2013: the spaces that during World Cup competitions are used as commentary cabins, turn into hostel rooms the rest of the year, providing more than 40 beds.  The facility is complete with bathrooms, locker rooms and showers, a kitchen and a room that can be used as a kitchen or for meetings.
  • skiroll track: to complete the center, especially for summer season use (May to October) a skiroll track will be built in 2025, which will provide a ring of about 2.5 km. 


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