Rampa con i Campioni
COOP FIS Tour de Ski
Rampa con i Campioni
5 JANUARY 2025

From 3th to 5th January 2025, the 19th edition of the Tour de Ski will end again in Val di Fiemme. As always, the spotlight will all be on the Final Climb, the exciting final competition of the Tour that will see the athletes engaged along a 9 km course with an amazing finish on Alpe del Cermis, along the steep Olimpia III alpine ski slope.

A unique emotion for the best nordic ski athletes in the world and for the spectators, but also for those who want to experience the thrill of the Final Climb on their skin, try their hand at the climb and take part in the promotional OPEN race Rampa con i Campioni, on Sunday 5th January, just a little before the FIS World Cup champions.

The race format will be the same of the final stage of the Tour de Ski, that is a 9 km Mass Start in free technique: the race will be held along the Macialonga track until the start of the Cermis, the legendary Final Climb.
All participants will be awarded with the finisher medal, while the first three rankings of the male and female category will be awarded on the podium of the Tour de Ski, at the end of the race.

There are many past champions who have participated in the various editions of the Rampa con i Campioni: Dario Cologna, Cristian Zorzi "Zorro", Antonella Confortola, Peter Schlickenrieder, Vegard Ulvang, Petter Northug, Aleksandr Legkov, Justyna Kowalczyk and many others... who knows who we will find at the starting line in the 13th edition of the Rampa con i Campioni!

Shuttle schedules are available Alpe Cermis (Lift Parking area) - Lago di Tesero Park&Ride orari 2024 ⇒


Sunday 5th January 2025 | starting time tbc at the cross-country stadium in Lago di Tesero.

The registrations will open in November, until Friday 3rd January 2025 at 12.00 a.m.


Sunday 7th January 2024

Download here the rules

1.         RAMPA CON I CAMPIONI is an international, promotional cross country ski OPEN race in free technique that will take place on January 7th, 2024; the start (mass start) will be at 11.00 a.m. at the cross-country stadium in Lago di Tesero, and the finish will be at the intermediate station of Alpe Cermis skiing resort, in a place called "Doss dei Laresi" (10 km).


2.         All male and female athletes that are at least 18 years old on the competition day can register for the race, except people with Russian or Belarussian nationality (Rampa con i Campioni is part of a FIS international event, and consequently the OC is not allowed to accept competitors from Russia and Belarus).


3.         The entry fee is € 30,00, to be paid to:



IBAN: IT14C0818434600000005244415


Via Regolani 6 – 38033 Cavalese (TN) Italy


Paying the entry fee, the competitors will have the right to take part in the race, to have the bib of the event, to use the means of transport arranged to move from the finish area to the starting area, to avail themselves of the refreshment point at the finish and to have their clothes been carried from the starting area to the finish area (maximum weight: 3 kg. The amount insured will correspond to the entry fee). All other expenses will be charged to the competitors. 


4.         The registration has to be made online on the web site,  and each entry form will be considered complete only when a copy of the payment will be sent via e-mail to, by and no later than 12.00 a.m. of Friday, 5th January 2023.

             The Organizing Committee could anticipate the closing date for entries when the final number of 200 competitors is reached. No entries will be accepted without the payment of the entry fee.

Entry fees will neither be returned for any reason nor considered valid for next editions (the only exception is the cancellation of the event – see point 9).


5.      The bibs will be distributed at the race office at the cross-country stadium in Lago di Tesero, upon exhibition of an ID card or passport (for foreign athletes), on Saturday 6th January from 14.30 p.m. to 18.30 p.m. and on Sunday 7th January from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. 


6.         The Organizing Committee will provide the transportation of the clothes from the cross-country stadium in Lago di Tesero to the finish area on Alpe Cermis. Please use the sack that you will find in the competition bag and take it to the start area.


7.         All competitors must come down from Alpe Cermis with the cable car, and then they can use the bus line “Park&Ride”, provided by the OC, that will take them to the start area at the Cross-Country stadium in Lago di Tesero. In each competition bag, athletes will find a coupon that they have to use in order to take the cable car free of charge. In any case, it is always possible to show the competition bib in order to use the cablecar for free.


8.         For circumstances beyond one’s control, the OC has the faculty to change, without limitations, the course of the race or to cancel the whole competition. In the latter case, the entry fee will be completely reimbursed.


9.         Every competitor must be conscious that this race requires a considerable physical and technical engagement. Sending the entry form, each athlete declares implicitly, with his/her own responsibility, to possess such requirements. The O.C. accepts no responsibility concerning this matter.


10.       There will be two-time limits along the course: the first one will be at the base of the climb of Cermis (11.30 a.m.) and the second one will be near the overpass to Salanzada (11.45 a.m.) Closing of the competition course: 12.45 a.m.


11.       By sending the entry form, all competitors declare to know and fully accept these rules; they also declare explicitly to exempt the organizers from every responsibility, both civil and criminal, for damages to people and/or things, caused by him or suffered by him.


Claims can be delivered to the Jury within 15 minutes after the exhibition of the


The registration fee costs 30.00 € and include race package, the means of transport arranged to move from the finish area to the starting area, the refreshment point at the finish and the carriage of the clothes from the starting area to the finish area.

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