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FIS Rollerski World Cup - FinalS

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Via Regolani, 6 38033 Cavalese (TN) – Italy
Tel. +39 0462 352013 |

  • LOC President DE GODENZ Piero
  • Secretary General & Sport Director BELLANTE Cristina
  • Event Coordinator DEZULIAN Mauro
  • Sport Manager MACOR Enzo
  • Chief of Competition RAINER Michel
  • Chief of Course ZORZI Alessandro
  • Race Secretary DELVAI Beatrice
  • Race Office FACCHINI Manuel
  • Marketing & Sponsor DEFRANCESCO Marica
  • Communication & Ceremonies VANZO Matilde
  • Accreditation & Speaker VAIA Silvia
  • Finance ZENI Giovanna
  • Volunteers’ Coordinator PIAZZI Martina
  • Accommodation BAUDIN Alessia
  • Press Office Newspower - FACCHINI Mario / BAGGIA Jenny
  • Municipality of ZIANO VANZETTA Fabio
  • Security MANFUCCI Fausto
  • Timekeeping TBC
  • Medical Service Croce Bianca Tesero
  • FIS Roller Ski Coordinator NIKLASS Martins (FIS)
  • FIS Technical Delegate LUSTREK Marko (SLO)
  • FIS TD Assistant GABRIEL Josef (CZE)
  • Chief of Competition RAINER Michel (ITA)
  • National TD GOLA Mattia (ITA)


Thursday 12.09.2024 | ZIANO DI FIEMME MASS START – FT - 2,4 km/lap - Via Nazionale/Giro Roda

  • TBC Team’s Captain Meeting
  • 15:00 – 15:45 Course Open
  • 16:00 Mass start FT - JW – 4 laps, 10 km
  • 16:30 Mass start FT - JM – 4 laps, 10 km
  • 17:00 Mass start FT - SW – 6 laps, 15 km
  • 17:30 Mass start FT - SM – 6 laps, 15 km
  • follows Flower Ceremony on the finish line
  • TBC Official Prize Giving Ceremony in Ziano di Fiemme

Friday 13.09.2024 – ZIANO DI FIEMME INDIVIDUAL SPRINT – FT - 200 mt - Via Nazionale

  • TBC Team’s Captain Meeting
  • 15:15 – 15:45 Course Open
  • 16:00 Qualifying (JW – JM – SW – SM)
  • 17:15 Finals (JW – JM – SW – SM)
  • follows Flower Ceremony on the finish line
  • TBC Official Prize Giving Ceremony in Ziano di Fiemme

Saturday 14.09.2024 – ZIANO DI FIEMME TEAM SPRINT – FT - 2,4 km/lap - Via Nazionale/Giro Roda

  • TBC Team’s Captain Meeting
  • 14:00 – 14:45 Course Open
  • 15:00 Team Sprint TL: JW 2x6,5 km (3+3 laps), JM 2x6,5 km (3+3 laps), SW 2x11 km (5+5 laps), SM 2x11 km (5+5 laps)
  • follows Flower Ceremony on the finish line
  • TBC Official Prize Giving Ceremony in Ziano di Fiemme
  • TBC Team’s Captain Meeting


  • 8:30 – 8:50 Course Open
  • 09:00 Mass start 13 km CT – JM
  • 09:30 Mass start 13 km CT – JW
  • 10:00 Mass start 15 km CT – SW
  • 10:30 Mass start 15 km CT – SM
  • follows Flower Ceremony on the finish line on Alpe Cermis
  • TBC Official Prize Giving Ceremony in Ziano di Fiemme

For the Mass Start competition in free technique of Thursday 12th September, LOC will provide skating roller skis. For the Team Sprint competition in free technique of Saturday 14th September, LOC will provide skating roller skis. For the Mass Start competition in classic technique of Sunday 15th September, LOC will provide classic roller skis.

Information regarding ski bindings (SNS Pilot or NNN) must be indicated for each athlete in the preliminary entry, for the Mass Start competition of Thursday (skating rollerski), for the Team Sprint competition of Saturday (skating rollerski) and for the Uphill Mass Start competition of Sunday (classic rollerski).

Official provider: FF Skis – Norway. Please refer to the company for any further information regarding the provided rollerski.

  • All roller skis will be marked. Athletes or teams are not allowed to make any adjustments of skis or wheels including lubrication. In all the competition the distribution of roller skis will be done 15 minutes before the start of each category (see details on the official program, article 3). At the end of the race, roller skis must be returned.
  • For the Individual sprint competition, teams have to use their own skating roller ski, with free wheels. The roller ski of the teams must be in compliance with FIS rules:
  1. roller skis have to be commercially available.
  2. the distance between roller ski axles cannot be less than 530 mm
  3. the wheel diameter cannot be more than 100 mm
  4. ski boots must be attached to roller skis using ski bindings

Specifications for provided rollerskis from FF:

For Skating competitions:

  • MODEL FF Active Skate
  • WEIGHT 1.41 kg
  • DIMENSIONS 64 × 2.4 cm
  • WHEEL WIDTH 24 mm
  • WHEEL DIAMETER 95.6 mm

For Classic competition:

  • MODEL FF V Active Classic
  • WEIGHT 2.1 kg
  • DIMENSIONS 72.5 × 4.3 cm
  • WHEEL WIDTH 43 mm


You can find the competition courses on our web site, here.

The entries must be sent via FIS on-line system. The pre-entries and entries are copy-pasted from the Senior event (ROL WSC) to the Junior event (ROL JWSC) and viceversa. Therefore, please check carefully that you enter your athletes for the correct races, meaning junior athletes only for junior races and seniors respectively only for senior races:

  • 25 days before the first competition (18th August 2024): deadline for sending preliminary entries and accommodation request
  • 8 days before the first competition 4th September 2024): deadline for sending entries

Only competitors with an active FIS Code and entered by the NSA are allowed to participate in FIS Roller Ski World Cup.
For any other information about entries, please refer to the Rules for the FIS Roller Ski World Cup / World Championships.

Teams/athletes will be accommodated in hotels of a good standard in the village of Ziano di Fiemme, headquarter of the Fiemme Roller Ski Cup events.
Contact of Official Incoming Agency:
Booking Centre APT Val di Fiemme – Alessia Baudin Tel. +39 0462 341419 - Fax. +39 0462 231621

The LOC won’t be responsible for teams that decide to take care personally of their own accommodation arrangements.

Deadline for bookings
Within 9th August 2024, the quantity of double and single rooms requested, as well as arrival/departure days must be communicated. Please note that after this date the LOC is not able to guarantee the availability of the rooms and the above-mentioned prices.
As soon as the Official Incoming Agency receives the requests, a detailed offer will be sent to the NSA.

Teams will pay directly in their hotels.

Cancellation Fee
Until 15 days before the first competition teams can change (cancel) their bookings by adapting the preliminary entry.
Cancellation (entire team or only some rooms) after 14 days before the first competition leads to full payment for the accommodation.

The race office will be in the “Tabià Moco”, located inside the same building of the local bank “Cassa Rurale di Fiemme” in Ziano di Fiemme.
The address is Piazza IV Novembre, 4, zip code 38030, Ziano di Fiemme (Trento), Italy.
Google maps coordinates: here

Here the opening times:

  • WEDNESDAY 11/09 14:00 - 19:00
  • THURSDAY 12/09 9:00 - 12:00 | 14:00 - 20:00
  • FRIDAY 13/09 9:00 - 12:00 | 14:00 - 20:00
  • SATURDAY 14/09 9:00 - 12:00 | 14:00 - 20:00
  • SUNDAY 15/09 8:00 - 14:00

Teams travelling by plane have the possibility to get free transportation from/to the competition venue, according to the following conditions:

  • the LOC can offer only one free of charge transfer per team from the official airport to the venue and one from the venue to the airport
  • the departure and arrival times must be communicated to the organiser latest 10 days before the first competition
  • the official airports are VERONA and VENEZIA.

We will try to accommodate the teams mostly in Ziano di Fiemme, in order to allow the participants to reach the competition site by foot.

All participants must have an insurance coverage. The LOC is not liable for any kind of accidents, injury, damages, or lost property.

It won’t be necessary to make any specific accreditation request, as the data for the accreditation of teams will be imported automatically through the entries sent online by each NSA.
One team representative can pick up the accreditations for all team members at the accreditation office.
The accreditation office will be located inside the Tabià Moco building in Ziano di Fiemme, close to the municipality hall, and will have the same opening times as the race office (see point 4.3).

If you need assistance for getting Visa to enter Italy please contact:

  • Tel. +39 0462 352013
  • E-mail

The official language of the event is English.!/home

Val di Fiemme can be easily reached via the A22 highway, exit Egna/Ora and then taking the SS 48 Dolomites, direction Cavalese/Val di Fiemme.
If you come from Venice: leave the Highway Venezia/Ponte delle Alpi (A27) at the exit “Belluno” and drive direction Agordo (SS203). Go on to Falcade, then reach Passo San Pellegrino (SS346). Follow the indications to Moena, where you can take the road “Statale delle Dolomiti” (SS 48 that leads to Ziano di Fiemme).

All personal data sent with the entries by each NSA can be used by the Organiser, according to art. 13 and 14 of the G.D.P.R. (EU Rules 679/2016 about treatment of personal data). The OC will use these personal data only for purposes related to competition, and they will not be given out to third parties. By entering the competition, participants allow the organizing committee, its partners and media in general, to use images in which he/she appears, taken on the occasion of his/her participation in the competition, on any media including promotional and/or advertising documents, all over the world.

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