15-16-17 January 2021

Val di Fiemme, Home of records

A daring world cup schedule in view of the Olympics


Today, at Ristorante Savini in Milan, press conference to present the events in Val di Fiemme
Tour de Ski from 3rd to 5th January, then FIS Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cups
The event was attended by the athletes Ganz and De Fabiani (Cross-Country), Pittin and Costa (Nordic Combined), the trainers Selle, Rigoni and Zorzi
‘Revival’ of the Salt Lake City 2002 sprint final: Tesero Lake City for Cristian Zorzi’s revenge!

Ten days and 12 FIS World Cup races between Tour de Ski (3-5 January), Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping in Val di Fiemme (Italy). Today, Val di Fiemme chose the Savini Restaurant in Milan to present its prestigious events in view of the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Games, in which Trentino will play a key role. Those who attended the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics will remember the first ever Olympic sprint final on 19th February 2002. Cristian Zorzi was leading, but Hetland managed to close the gap together with the German Peter Schlickenrieder. Both then finished ahead of the Italian Zorzi and the Swede Björn Lind. Hetland, as a sign of victory, put his foot on the back of ‘Zorro’, who was exhausted. Thanks to the availability of Zorzi, Hetland, Schlickenrieder and Lind, on 4th January there will be the ‘revival’ of that historic moment in the world of cross-country skiing: the Tesero Lake City! ‘Zorro’ immediately picked up the gauntlet: "Hetland has always been my bête noire, only he could have put his skis on my back. We’ll re-experience the Olympic challenge in Lago di Tesero, I'll train all winter to win!” In Milan there were authorities and athletes, but the volunteers from Trentino play a key role in the organisation of such competitions, as stated Mauro Dezulian, vice-president of the organising committee and volunteer manager: "Nordic Ski was founded more than thirty years ago. The volunteers’ help is the key to organise these events in the best possible way." Sport and tourism go hand in hand in Trentino: "The provincial government is always close to Val di Fiemme", said the councillor for sport and tourism Roberto Failoni. But there’s a woman leading the ‘cradle of Nordic skiing’, Cristina Bellante, mother of two athletes of the Nordic Combined national team: "Val di Fiemme never stops and always looks for something new, confirming the Ski Jumping competitions after the success of last season and organising new events such as the sprint in CT on Saturday—strongly desired by FIS—and the Final Climb in a mass start format. On Friday there will also be the 100th Tour de Ski competition and many side events." Piero Degodenz is one of the political figures dealing with sports in Trentino: "The link between tourism and World Cup events and World Championships has been a key element." Maurizio Rossini from Trentino Marketing stated: "We will bring the wonderful landscapes of Trentino all over the world" and Tiziano Mellarini from FISI Trentino said: "The numbers are not encouraging, but through our great events we hope to bring many young people back to these disciplines". Filip Grabowski from Infront gave all the figures: "30 million spectators watched the races of Tour de Ski in Val di Fiemme, an average of 80% of market share in Norway and 11 million German spectators; we are also satisfied with the numbers of Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping, we announce that in addition to about thirty cameras along the Final Climb, Infront will use the helicopter for the first time.” Then, the athletes took the floor stating that they are ready for the season. Caterina Ganz was very good last year, especially on the Final Climb: "I’m proud to represent Trentino, the Final Climb on Cermis was really tough but that day I was so happy to face it for the first time and to have my family there. We finished a two-week camp and now we'll leave for Davos for the final preparation". Federico Pellegrino sent a video message hoping to take part in it: "I have good memories in Val di Fiemme, it will be a great opportunity". Francesco De Fabiani was present in Milan: "At the Tour de Ski I got two podiums in two 15 km CT, I prefer it and I prefer the Mass Start. Val di Fiemme has satisfied me and for me it's good news. On the last climb I lose positions but the mass start will help me to be with the best. There are many points, I dream of being in the top five of the World Cup. The trainer Marco Selle agrees: "The athletes know that they have a limited number of opportunities to excel, I see that they’re determined and don’t have physical problems. They're ready.” From Cross-Country skiing to the Nordic Combined with Alessandro Pittin, the best cross-country skier in the World Cup in the last two seasons: "I'm having fun again at jumping and this gives me hope. I know the organisational skills of Val di Fiemme and I hope to be ready in 2026. It would be my sixth Olympic Games, the second in Italy, something extraordinary." ‘Good news’ also from Samuel Costa, finally in top condition: "I have no more knee pain, that means a lot for me. Thanks to the time I've spent at home, now I'm able to move and return to my sport. The most important goal for me is to perform good jumps in order to start then ahead on skis. Our aim is to give fans unique emotions." The jumpers' coach Federico Rigoni looks to the future in view of the Olympic Games: "In the Nordic Combined we tried to continue the work we’ve done so far, Costa is in excellent shape and Alessandro has shown that he can be with the best; the young athletes are growing. Numbers are not encouraging in the Men's Ski Jumping, but we are working to grow year after year.” So, see you in January in Val di Fiemme, Italian temple of the Nordic disciplines.
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