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From 6th to 8th January, Tour de Ski last stage in Val di Fiemme (Italy)
Russians out, Norway aims to its 13th victory
The new WC scenery according to Pellegrino, De Fabiani and Ganz
Registrations for Rampa con i Campioni from November 3rd

Norway holds a strong Tour de Ski record. From 2007 until now, Norway won 12 times this prestigious competition, no more than last year with the amazing Johannes H. Klæbo. However, from 6th to 8th January in Val di Fiemme during the last stage someone won’t be able to celebrate: Russian and Byelorussian athletes have been excluded from FIS competitions for the season 2022-2023. The Russian team, second place after Norway in the Tour de Ski’s Roll of Honour with 5 successes, won’t be able to count on neither Natalia Nepryaeva, winner of both World Cup and Tour de Ski last year nor Alexander Bolshunov, World Cup winner in 2019/20 and 2021/22 and also Tour de Ski winner (twice).
Italy only appears with Giorgio Di Centa, Marianna Longa and Arianna Follis; all of them got a third place. Today, Italy finds its male pupils in Federico Pellegrino and Francesco De Fabiani, beyond Paolo Ventura, Davide Graz and Giandomenico Salvadori.
Here is what the Olympic silver medallist “Chicco” Pellegrino says about this new scenery: “It will be different from a technical point of view, we have already experienced something similar during Covid, when Norway and Sweden did not took part to some World Cup competitions. It represents another psychological factor to confront with, yet from a physical point of view, I am first challenging myself. My approach is not changing, but it is such a pity, for sure. Those are CIO’s decisions and FIS acts according to these criteria. I stand for peace, and I feel sorry about this situation. I am not taking part to all of the WC competitions, I am taking some rest from December to January when I’m becoming a dad and my priority will be my wife, leaving aside the World Cup”.
Francesco De Fabiani aims for Tour de Ski’s general ranking this year: “It’s going to be a different season for sure, Russians won’t be there and they represent, together with Norway, the best teams. I feel sorry because last year I have been training with them, I know how much they care and they are my friends. Yet, the situation is still tense and I think the decision is right, for their safe. Tour de Ski is one of my goals this season and I’m aiming to its general ranking”.
According to Caterina Ganz, her season is going to be even more challenging: “This scenery without Russians is different for sure, I feel sorry for them. The Russian team is really strong and its absence impacts both women and men competitions”. The new Italian Team coach Markus Cramer (last year Russian Team coach) imported new ideas and methodologies, and Ganz adds: “My summer preparation has been fine, different and challenging thanks to Cramer. I’m really curious about the results. Season is starting in Ruka (Finland) from 25th to 27th November and we are taking part to some FIS competitions before”.
During the three days in Val di Fiemme audience is free to come, but for those willing to get deep into the atmosphere, VIP tickets are available. These allow entering two Hospitality Areas with the exclusive view on the Cross Country Stadium in Lago di Tesero and Alpe Cermis. There are three available tickets: daily, weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and All (from Friday), all of them including the shuttle bus from Lago di Tesero to Alpe Cermis (and return) on Sunday, cable-car from Fondovalle to Doss dei Laresi Station (and return) on Sunday. Hospitality Areas are equipped with tasty local foods and wine.
“Rampa con i Campioni” is the successful event for ex-athletes and amateurs willing to live their own Final Climb. Registrations for the promotional race open from Thursday November 3rd.


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